Beard oil launch!

I am finally able to launch the beard oil which has been in development for what seems like forever! I have developed this oil with my husband who has a great beard with all the issues come with it such as beard itch and something I call ‘musty beard’ which is basically the smell a beard can develop over the day (not good). This oil contains marshmallow root oil which really soothes the skin under the beard and promotes healthy growth and Argan oil which softens and smooths the hair. The fragrance is very MAN, its quite addictive actually. Its subtle but when you lean close you get the fragrance, which is so much better that ‘musty beard’. Its great value for money too because its a multi-tasker, as a woman I was able to inject some of the functionality that a woman would expect of a premium product. Easy to use pump dispenser, multitasking for hair and body, long lasting and effective. This is a picture of my husband and his beard below and the new oil. We are very proud of it!

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