Saturday Ceramic – Nathalie Choux


Yes, her name is a delicious pastry. More importantly, Nathalie Choux is a illustrator and ceramic artist creating the most whimsical and wonderful characters to display and admire. They give me a feeling that she is creating a sneak peak of a secret world that she has discovered, truly magical in an everyday setting. Images Read More

Alice Mary Lynch the Doll Maker.


Carrying on with the children theme, I am introducing to you these enchanting and exquisite dolls by Alice Mary Lynch. Except, you don’t need a child to enjoy these, I think they would look wonderful sat around a Christmas tree or sitting pretty on a guest bed. If you were looking to give something like this Read More

Cute children’s room accessories


I’m gathering ideas for the nursery. The OH and I have until the end of January to finish the nursery, but we would actually like to get everything done by December. Unfortunately, I have expensive taste with a penchant for french toys. Ooh La La! Fortunately, I am creative! I am planning on making as Read More

Far from the madding crowd.


Having not read the book or seen any film adaptations until now, I couldn’t say whether this years release starring Carey Mulligan lives up to expectations. The romantic music is a little over the top, but it distracts less as the film goes on and even though you do really know what is going to Read More

England stay-cation – North Yorkshire


        A staycation may not always fill you with joy, but there was something about the idea of revisiting our old childhood holiday haunts this year that allowed me to fully relax and exhale. Perhaps it was knowing I wouldn’t have to check I have the passports ten times in a row, not Read More