The times they are a changing

There are quiet whispers to be heard in the bohemian sunday camp, either that or there’s a gas leak. No really, there are plans being made and little steps being taken towards Bohemian Sunday being a physical presence on the high street. You know when you have an idea and have thought about it, researched it and dreamed about it for months and months and you believe in your idea but when you come to say it out loud you kind of, drift out of your body and start laughing at yourself like your talking nonsense? No? Maybe that just me. However, if this is ever going to get off the ground I have got to get used to telling people about it without wanting to apologise for it afterwards. So, I am sharing with you.

Bohemian Sunday will be a boutique and Café. Below you will see the inspiration for the look and just some of the products that I’m hoping to stock. I have looked for products that look great but have substance and quality. Natural, organic and not tested on Animals.  The ethos is great customer service, belief in the product because the product is great and accessible luxury. As the shop will be in Sheffield, I have looked for items that cant currently be found in the city. And of course, Macarons and other Gluten free deliciousness will be found in the café. I welcome feedback and ideas.


shopsROYAL_EARL_GREY Lavender TangerineBotanica Candle

Apricot & RoseReed Diffuser

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