A flower with no scent but just as sweet

I have my crafting head on again today and it has been filled with my latest obsession. Paper flowers! Yes, I know how you cringe (or maybe not if you know what I know) but I think that the UK might be seeing a lot of these this year. I’m thinking Weddings, Christenings, New baby gifts (we don’t really do baby showers here) the list is endless. Almost. I am planning on supplying these for all of the above and hoping to put some kits together for all crafters to try. Watch this flower filled space, YOU WONT BE CRINGING FOR LONG!

Beautiful Window Displays!

Oversized Crepe paper flowers

Natural hand-dyed paper flowers for @Anthropologie . store windows. What the heck is 'natural' about paper flowers or dyed paper flowers?!? NOTHING!  But I love poppies, and giant purple poppies even more!

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