Saint Laurent…helping me to save? whoopee!

Well, isn’t it nice when a future seasonal trend allows you to incorporate current season items? Not that I’m ruled by trends, but I do admit to being persuaded to buy new season items because, well, they are new! And I like new shiny things. However, I am trying to save some pennies and so, every little helps, even if it is last years tartan skirt or an unsuspecting boyfriends bowtie. Not that I live with chuck Bass or anything. So, here’s to carefully storing the winter wear ready for October 2014. And if you DID want to spend pennies on this look, it is incredibly wearable and achievable, pieces like these could be thrown together from the high street and your local vintage shop. This is actually my favourite show so far, because its slightly eccentric/bohemian/youthful/vintage and kind of easy.






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