Skin care launch, the beauty inside.

I am more than a little excited to show you the new packaging on my Sorciere rang of skincare. I have spent a long, long, long (yawn) time working on this and it has been slow process but I feel that I’m getting there. Here is a small collection of products that I have added to the store. As always, my products are researched, tested and tested again (by me and my unsuspecting friends and family) and packaged with the love and attention they deserve.

My Mermaids Rhassoul clay bath. As always, paraben and sulphate free.


My black clay face mask, isn’t she beautiful?!mask2

And in winter, nothing is better than a good scrub scrub of those dry elbows.scrubweb


  1. sharon Goodwin says

    I’m looking forward to trying the black clay face mask , I already love the exfoliating honey bar , its left my dry shin’s as soft as silk xxx

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