Vogue Japan – inspiring blooms

This delicate and wistful shoot by Tom Craig for Japanese Vogue has inspired me to get out in the garden and start growing. The problem is, April is really taking its showers seriously here in England. My skincare brand is based on the use of botanicals and essential oils due to the fact that I am a grower and lover of nature. I grow my own veg and I used to love to have cut flowers in my house. Unfortunately, my Cat also loves cut flowers which at one point nearly killed him. He is now one life down! So, I am now aiming to grow a garden full of the blooms I used to enjoy in my home.

In this time of technology, social media and yes blogging, it can feel go go go, now now now. But you know, we all need to take some time to breathe some fresh air. You may not feel the call of the wild as some do, or any excitement at the thought of growing anything. But if you are in way stressed, feeling in any way sluggish, over indulged perhaps then just buy a couple of plants, go outside on your own for even half a hour and plant them yourself. That little sense of personal achievement, however small, can be enough therapy to lower those shoulders.

I hope you are as inspired by the Vogue shoot as I am, not only to surround yourself by the beauty of nature but to celebrate your natural beauty too. And if you have a gingham dress to put your natural beauty in, well that’s even better!

Wonderfully styled by Aurora Sansone and modelled by Moya Palk





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