Magic Glow Body Elixir


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Product Description

Our magic glow elixir is formulated to help soften and moisturise skin, improve the appearance of and help to prevent stretch marks and help the skin to repair. Our elixir has a semi dry oil consistency and so is convenient to use on the dash. You will love the light vanilla scent.

We have incorporated wonderful ingredients such as:

  • Argan oil – Helps to fade scars and age spots and prevent premature ageing of the skin
  • Marshmallow oil – An anti-inflammatory which can benefit sunburned and angry skin
  • Coconut oil – Incredibly moisturising
  • Vitamin E -helps to protect the skin from environmental pollution and has a protecting action against UV radiation.

Our elixir contains no preservative and is made using the highest quality ingredients we can find. We have added a very subtle shimmer to this oil to help reflect light from the skin.

Contained within a heavy glass bottle, this elixir looks as luxurious as it feels.



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