Bohemian Autumn. Moroccan and Indian bohemian interior influences.

I love the rich hues of Moroccan and Indian fabrics and home wares. In my mind, Gypsies are bohemian, travelling with their colourful wares in tow, reading palms and dancing in the firelight. I know Im a dreamer but there is nothing wrong with that. I have a loft bedroom that is currently unloved and Read More

Boho. Well its not BOHEMIAN Sunday for nothing!

Why is that , with the first glimmer of sunshine, I start listening to Crosby Stills and Nash and craving a wardrobe of maxi dresses and tassels? Maybe I am a hippy at heart. There is a rumour of Gypsy running in the blood line too. Hmmm, I see in my future…. Read More

Do you Boho?

Put down that pot noodle! If you do Boho, sauces of any kind will not be your friend come spring. Especially if Alberta Ferretti’s Spring Summer look is anything to go by. White, a splash of colour and then…more white. If your pennies don’t quite stretch to Alberta, how about something a little more affordable Read More