Wedding Day

How could I forget to mention that I got married?!! It was a great DIY day, I made my own bouquet and button holes. The groom wore Hugo Boss & I forget who I wore…most of the day is a blur actually! I’m surprised I remember my own name.

A midsummer wedding dress – feminine and beautiful fairy tale wedding dresses

Hello! I have been away because I have been getting married! As wedding season comes to an end I thought, I must share these beautiful wedding dresses. Its a shame to call them wedding dresses, as actually it would be nice to ahve the opportunity to wear something like this for any occasion. Hope you Read More

Do you Boho?

Put down that pot noodle! If you do Boho, sauces of any kind will not be your friend come spring. Especially if Alberta Ferretti’s Spring Summer look is anything to go by. White, a splash of colour and then…more white. If your pennies don’t quite stretch to Alberta, how about something a little more affordable Read More