Do you Boho?

Put down that pot noodle! If you do Boho, sauces of any kind will not be your friend come spring. Especially if Alberta Ferretti’s Spring Summer look is anything to go by. White, a splash of colour and then…more white. If your pennies don’t quite stretch to Alberta, how about something a little more affordable Read More

Pom Pomspiration

I have been thinking about new ways to use the pom pom trim that I supply on and came across some great ideas on the web.  I especially love the Matthew Williamson copycat bag. I know its hard to imagine yourself wearing such a bag when the weather is so utterly rubbish, but before you know Read More


I enjoy illustrating.  Always have. Always will. Life drawing was my favourite class when studying for my fashion degree. However, I don’t have the natural talent for it, I just enjoy drawing because I enjoy being creative. But these illustrators… different story! What I wouldn’t give to be able to create an image like this with my own hand. Enjoy Read More

New Years Resolutions. Not all pain and starvation!

One of my New Years resolutions for this year (one which doesn’t involve looking longingly at the packet of chocolate covered rich tea perched on the edge of my colleagues desk) is to wear more dresses. You know, be a bit more feminine, enjoy being a woman. Celebrate these curves! Not only that, but dresses Read More