Bath Bomb recipe

I have decided, after many requests from customers and friends, to develop a line of bath bombs or fizzies as they are sometimes know. I don’t like any product, however, that is all bells and whistles but has little skin benefit at all. That’s just not the LesSorcieres style. So I have started developing ideas and combinations, looking at edible glitters and lustres for decoration (as plastic non toxic glitter which is used in some products is terrible for the environment) as well as oils, clay’s and botanical’s that I can incorporate to make a great beneficial skin product but without losing the fun!


Making a bath bomb is no great secret, a simple search online brings up many tutorials and videos. I though it would be nice to share how to make this lovely botanical bomb that I made with white clay and lavender essential oil so that, if you are so craftily inclined, you can have a go at this yourself!


100g Bicarbonate of Soda

50G Citric Acid

25G White Clay

25G Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

2ml Lavender essential oil

About 8ml Coconut oil

Rose buds, Calendula petals and lavender buds to sprinkle in the mold

Prepare your molds, if using a bun tin like me, put some cling film over it and push it into dips. This will help when removing the bombs.  Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl and stir very well. Add the essential oil and the Coconut oil and stir again very well. If you sqeeze a handful it should just hold together. If not you can spritz a very small amount of water and stir stir stir again. You dont want it to start fizzing!

Sprinkle your flowers in the molds and then squash in your mixture over the top. Leave to harden over night and you have beautiful bath bombs!!!




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