Far from the madding crowd.

Having not read the book or seen any film adaptations until now, I couldn’t say whether this years release starring Carey Mulligan lives up to expectations. The romantic music is a little over the top, but it distracts less as the film goes on and even though you do really know what is going to happen at the end, it is an enjoyable ride. What is worth watching this film for though, if nothing else, are the costumes and set design. A veritable feast for the eyes, you will be looking forward to the rich hues of Autumn by the time the end credits are rolling. And if you haven’t already got a carpet bag (who does apart from Mary Poppins) you will want one now!

Leather anyone?

And lets not forget the hats and headscarves! Come on, like this doesn’t make you want to start wearing hats!

And lets not forget the gents…

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