London Town

Seeing as I reached a certain milestone this month, I decided to celebrate in London. My trip has been called ’30 meals in 3 days’ by some, but it really wasn’t quite that bad! With so many great places to eat, it is quite difficult to resist the 3 meals a day plus extras in between (extras being slightly larger than snacks!). But then again I walked ALOT so I don’t feel too bad.

First stop was Anthropologie. Its pretty much my first stop whenever I go to London because its such a relaxed atmosphere. However, Husband was in tow this time so it was only a brief visit. And the sale was on boohoo.




I had a wonderful afternoon tea on the Sunday at the Kingsway Hall Hotel. It was quiet and relaxed and absolutely delicious. And they brought out this little plate with an extra Macaron. Scrammed by me, obviously.20150328-095629.jpg


I visited London quite a bit last year but never found the time to visit the Natural History Museum. I’m so sad I left it this long, I was 8 years old again! The building is beautiful and I happen to find dinosaurs and Paleontology interesting, but even if you don’t it is so worth a visit. All of a sudden I was like, OK, they were real! I can see them!



The V & A is across the road from the Natural History Museum, don’t leave without going in. It is a wonderful building too and the cast court where the below pictures were taken are incredible. And you know, it is free to go in both but its nice to buy a brochure or donate a little in appreciation of the work they both do. 20150328-095831.jpg


Next stop Theatre land! The below picture was actually taken outside my hotel, I was staying right next door to the national gallery which houses, among other wonderful artists, Monet and Da Vinci. I was treated to a night at Her Majesty’s Theatre for my birthday where I finally got to see Phantom. Amazing. I will never complain about being tired at work again after I saw how hard these actors and singers work.20150328-095928.jpg


My Husband is a musician, and if you are a musician or with a musician when you visit, you need to go to Denmark Street for the vintage guitar shops. See the picture below of my bearded Husband who insisted on wearing a London T Shirt. Cringe. Don’t worry if you are the one following the rock star around pretending to look interested , there is a Fernandez & Wells where you can take a very delicious lunch (see the picture of sandwiches). I had a peanut butter Blondie because of my persistent sweet tooth. I do not regret it, even if my thighs do.20150328-095957.jpg


On our last day we finished with brunch at Somerset House, where in serendipitous fashion, there was a beard exhibition on. I got to stand looking at some very handsome men without so much as a batted eyelid from H. Score! Somerset House is right by the Thames and you can sit with a coffee on the Thames side if you wish, it was a little cold when we visited so we sat in the courtyard.




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